About Us

About Us

Our team is moving through the difficult Peruvian geography to get directly to the source of alpaca wool production. There, in the middle of the rural environment and surrounded by the cold nature, we carry out the selection of samples and designs to consider for our collections.

We are friends of the real, natural and experimental

Our outdoor photo shoots are not workshop or laboratory compositions. Quite to the contrary, we go to natural, real, historical and cultural settings, seeking to bring you closer to live the experience and mystique of the locations

The intricacy of the penetration roads to the Andes and Peruvian jungles make inaccessible certain routes to reach the producing areas. Our logistics team is constantly analyzing the creation of new ways to cross the Andes and move the raw material to elaborate the products that we will take to the comfort of your home.

We are excited about this task and we do it with the best spirit, transferring to you all the positive energy contained in the Peruvian Andes.

We take care of the entire process, from obtaining the input or raw material to the appropriate transfer and logistic handling for the elaboration of the final product and the design of its packaging.

For example, we verify that the selected animals to obtain wool for the garments, go through a shearing process in which they try not to make them suffer from stress and care is taken that this is done protecting the animal from the intense cold of the weather until the growth of the first wicks of protective wool of its body

We believe in the care of nature and protection of the environment.

Our commercial packaging is made mostly of recycled material, and the inks employed are completely natural.

Our boxes can have a second use, which we will appreciate you can consider. Otherwise, we request that they be disposed of properly. Thank you for helping us to protect the pacha mama (mother earth).

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