Social Liability

Social Liability

At INCAWASI we respect the millennial cultural legacy of our communities and collaborate to spread it to the world.

We desire to offer welfare to the greatest number of communities, but we are aware that to do it properly, we must do it one step at a time. INCAWASI has signed its first technical assistance agreement with the Andean artisan community of Huila Huila, located at more than 3,200 meters above sea level in the Cuzco mountain range in Peru.

The agreement commits the support in the construction of infrastructure, training in health, education of children and collaboration in technical assistance to adults in the community.

If you want to be part of this project, you can help the community through experiential tourism and enjoying the experience of being able to live with the villagers and share their experiences.

Contact us for details.

The art of alpaca wool and the millenary tradition of the Inca empire explained by Rosa in the original Quechua of the Cuzco region. She is part of the management of the artisanal community of Huila Huila, who reveals to us the whole process that they must follow to offer you, with all the affection of the world, the products made from alpaca wool that the community elaborates as:

Ponchos, capes, blankets and ornamental household items.

At INCAWASI we value the cultural wealth of the Andean world, and we are firm believers in the preservation of the worldview of the Andes and its inhabitants, so we show in the videos both the original expression of the language and the typical costumes of daily use by the women of the community.

Quechua is the language of the Andean people, language that have survived, from the time of the Inca empire to the Spanish conquest and the republic, transcending the oral tradition from generation to generation.

Rose from the Andes

We hope you enjoy the videos. We appreciate your visit, in the same style as Rosa and her friends, telling you, with a big smile, AƱay (Thank you).

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